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Can I succeed in this course even if I am unsure about my programming ability?

The programming required to complete this course is mainly making calls to the
Nashpy library. There is little to no writing of your own algorithms or code
required. Historically, students who have been concerned about this have not
been impeded by their programming ability.

How do I open the individual coursework notebook

  Right click on the link to the coursework and save the file to your
computer (make a note of where it is on your computer).
  Do not double click on the file you have downloaded. (see
for an explanation).
  Start a Jupyter notebook server (see
for instructions).
  Using the Jupyter notebook interface navigate to the notebook file you
saved on your computer in step 1 and click on it.

How do office hours work?

During the agreed office hours, you can come to my office (you do not need to
book). If you would prefer to meet online, just send me an email or message me
on discord.

What do you recommend for Python?

I recommend using the Anaconda distribution for Python which includes a large
number of libraries for doing mathematics.
Here are some resources that you might find helpful:

  A chapter of my first year text on installing and using Python:
  A chapter of my first year text on installing and using other libraries:



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