1. Introduction to the course (ipynb)
  2. Normal Form Games (ipynb)
  3. Calculating utilities of strategies (ipynb)
  4. Rationalisation (ipynb)
  5. Nash equilibria (ipynb)
  6. Support enumeration (ipynb)
  7. Repeated games (ipynb)
  8. Prisoners Dilemma (ipynb)
  9. Evolutionary Game Theory (ipynb)
  10. Moran processes (ipynb)
  11. Contemporary Research (ipynb)

Other materials


  1. Normal Form Games - (solution)
  2. Calculating utilities of strategies - (solution)
  3. Rationalisation - (solution)
  4. Nash equilibria - (solution)
  5. Support enumeration - (solution)
  6. Repeated games - (solution)
  7. Prisoners Dilemma - (solution)
  8. Evolutionary Game Theory - (solution)
  9. Moran processes - (solution)
  10. Mock coursework - (solution)


In this course every participant (including myself) will be having many interactions with other participants. Some potential examples of this:

I expect every participant (including myself) to act with kindness during these interactions.

Some examples of how this applies to me:

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