• Markov modelling: Queueing processes and evolutionary dynamics
  • Pedagogy: Active learning approaches
  • Game Theory: Strategic behaviour in queues and the Iterated Prisoner's dilemma
  • Healthcare: Applied modelling of patient flow


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  2. Solomon Keedle-Isack (Summer): Further evolutionary game theoretic modelling of Rhino poaching (2018 - 2018)
  3. Henry Wilde (PhD): Costs in healthcare (2017 - present)
  4. Mansour Hakem (Nuffield Research Placement): Investigating Axelrod's second tournament (2017 - 2017)
  5. Toby Devlin (BSc): Machine learning for optimisation of move sequence (2017 - 2017)
  6. Will Guo (Nuffield Research Placement): Investigating Axelrod's second tournament (2017 - 2017)
  7. Thomas Rodwell (PhD): Diary planner for healthcare ward (2017 - present)
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  23. Jason Young (Summer): Understanding the effect of selfish behaviour in a series of 2 queues (2012 - 2012)
  24. Chappman Sin (BSc.): Mathematical modelling of Risk (the board game) (2011 - 2012)
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  34. Tamsin Griffiths (BSc.): Troops to Task Tool and Refugee Estimation (2009 - 2010)
  35. Leanne Smith (PhD): Modelling emergency medical vehicle services (2008 - 2013)


  1. Cardiff University CUROP Award: Further game theoretic dynamics of Rhino poaching, £2100, (2018 - 2018)
  2. EPSRC: Identifying and modelling victim, business regulatory and malware behaviours in a changing cyberthreat landscape, £101659, (2013 - 2016)
  3. Aneurin Bevan Health Board: Creation of a Mathematical/OR Modelling Unit to Support the Aneurin Bevan Health Board, £319944, (2013 - 2015)
  4. Sustainable software institute: Fellowship, £3000, (2013 - ongoing)
  5. Cardiff and Vale University Health Board: Operational Research Modelling to Support Cardiff and Vale UHB, £371427, (2013 - 2018)
  6. ESRC: Hate speech? Understanding the modelling of social media identity formation and behaviour through the Cardiff Online Social Media Observatory (COSMOS), £7015, (2013 - 2016)
  7. Health Foundation and Cardiff and Vale University Health Board: Estimating quality improvement and cost reduction for the patient and local health economy of transferring ENT/audiology services into a community setting, £61237, (2013 - 2014)
  8. Cardiff University CUROP Award: Developing and Evaluating Mathematical Teaching Resources through Open Source Software, £2200, (2012 - 2012)
  9. LANCS (EPSRC): Post-Doctoral Training Scheme Grant: Investigating the Effects of Individual Behaviour on Hierarchical queueing Systems, £5000, (2012 - 2012)
  10. LANCS (EPSRC): Post-Doctoral Training Scheme Grant: Choice and Healthcare Investigation Project, £2500, (2010 - 2011)
  11. Cardiff University CUROP Award: Patient Choice: A Discrete Event Simulation, £2500, (2010 - 2012)



  • Axelrod: A Python library/github project that replicates Axelrod's tournament.
  • Ciw: A Python library for simulation queueing networks
  • Conference Scheduler: A Python library to schedule conferences using integer linear programming
  • Game Theory in Sage: A collection of code to continue the integration of Game Theoretic capabilities in to Sage.
  • Nashpy: A Python library to find equilibria in 2 player normal form games
  • Virtual Microscope: A web application to display and annotate scanned slides.
  • ghtalks: Organise and share talks with gh-pages
  • sklDj: A Django web app interface to machine learning algorithms



Outreach activities

  • Monmouth Science initiative.
  • Speaking at the British Science festival 2015.
  • STEM live: a university wide event.
  • Regular workshops at the School of Mathematics.

Media appearances

  1. 2018-06-07: Pythagoras' trousers - Mathematics behind modelling jet stream as a traffic jam
  2. 2017-03-23: Talk Python to Me Podcast - Game Theory and the Axelrod library
  3. 2017-03-17: Cardiff University YouTube Channel - PyCon Namibia and the Phoenix project
  4. 2017-01-09: Pythagoras' trousers - Mathematics in animation
  5. 2017-01-02: Pythagoras' trousers - Alpha Go
  6. 2016-09-26: Pythagoras' trousers - Election polling
  7. 2016-01-27: Namibia broadcasting company - Discussing PyCon Namibia
  8. 2015-06-16: BBC Radio Wales - Game Theory and Nash Equilibrium
  9. 2015-04-16: Sci screen screening - The Imitation Game
  10. 2014-05-05: 2014 Pythagoras Lecture - Mathematics and Healthcare Management
  11. 2014-03-19: BBC Parliament - Voice of the Future 2014