Leanne Smith

Here is a list of publications written with Leanne Smith:

  1. 2016: Ambulance Allocations for Maximising Survival within a Heterogeneous Population using a Heterogeneous Fleet.: Leanne Smith, Paul Harper, Vincent Knight - Submitted to the journal of the operational research society.
  2. 2012: Ambulance Allocation for Maximal Survival with Heterogeneous Outcome Measures.: Vincent Knight, Paul Harper, Leanne Smith - OMEGA - The International Journal of Management Science. 40 (6) 918--926.
  3. 2023: Optimising Heterogeneous Ambulance Fleet Allocations in Jakarta: Geraint Palmer, Mark Tuson, Vincent Knight, Paul Harper, Syaribah Noor Brice, Leanne Smith, Daniel Gardner - European Journal of Operational Research.

Here is a list of student projects undertaken with Leanne Smith:

  1. (PhD): Modelling emergency medical vehicle services (2008 - 2013)

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