Izabela Komenda

Here is a list of publications written with Izabela Komenda:

  1. 2014: Mathematical modelling of patient flows to predict critical care capacity required following the merger of two district general hospitals into one.: James Williams, Steve Dumont, Jack Parry-Jones, Izabela Komenda, Jeff Griffiths, Vincent Knight - Anaesthesia. 70 (1).
  2. 2011: Bed Management in a Critical Care Unit.: Jeff Griffiths, Vincent Knight, Izabela Komenda - IMA Journal of Management Mathematics..
  3. 2016: Measuring the Price of Anarchy in Critical Care Unit Interactions.: Vincent Knight, Izabela Komenda, Jeff Griffiths - The journal of the operational research society.
  4. 2015: Compliance with National Guidelines for Stroke in Radiology.: Izabela Komenda, Hannah Williams, Vincent Knight - Operations Research for Health Care..

Here is a list of student projects undertaken with Izabela Komenda:

  1. (PhD): Bed management in a critical care unit (2010 - 2013)

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