Geraint Palmer -

Here is a list of publications written with Geraint Palmer:

  1. 2017: Ciw: An open source discrete event simulation library: Geraint Palmer, Vincent Knight, Paul Harper, Asyl Hawa - Arxiv pre print.
  2. 2016: An Open Framework for the Reproducible Study of the Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma.: Vincent Knight, Owen Campbell, Marc Harper, Karol Langner, James Campbell, Thomas Campbell, Alex Carney, Martin Chorley, Cameron Davidson-Pilon, Kristian Glass, Nikoleta Glynatsi, Tomáš Ehrlich, Martin Jones, Georgios Koutsovoulos, Holly Tibble, Jochen Müller, Geraint Palmer, Piotr Petunov, Paul Slavin, Timothy Standen, Luis Visintini, Karl Molden. - Journal of open research software..

Here is a list of student projects undertaken with Geraint Palmer:

  1. (PhD): Jackson networks and healthcare (2014 - present)