At the beginning of the week we played had one of my favourite class activity for my game theory class: the rock paper scissors lizard tournament :) In this post I will briefly go over some of the results.

If you are not familiar with Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock this is a good video that explains it:

This is the second time I play this in class and you can read about the first time on my old blog.

Here is how the game went (thanks to Geraint for noting everything down and Saniya for grabbing the pictures!):

(You can find the tikz code to draw that here.)

Here is a plot of the strategies played during the 1st, 2nd and 3rd rounds:

The overall strategy profile played is here:

Just like last year we are not exactly at Nash equilibria. In fact it seems that Scissors and Rock are being played a bit more often, so someone entering in to this game should respond by playing Spock (he vaporises Rock and smashes Scissors).

Here are the strategies that at some point won a duel:

and here are the losing strategies:

(All the code used to draw and analyse those plots is here.)

Hopefully my class found this interesting and fun.