I’ve recently gotten in to podcasts again (again) and really enjoy listening to most of these in the background of whatever it is I’m doing.

The podcasts I listen to probably fall in to the following categories:

  • Technology
  • Science
  • Sport

I’m sure I’m missing a bunch so I thought I’d write a blog post in the hope that kind readers would let me know what I should be listening to.


  • Tech News Today: One of many twit shows I like. I usually listen to this first thing in the morning.
  • This week in tech: I really like Leo Laporte and enjoy listening to this show as background noise to whatever it is that I’m doing.
  • Linux action show: I sometime find these guys ‘defend’ linux on the desktop a bit too fervently but I never fail to learn something new.
  • MacBreak Weekly: This has the same kind of vibe as ‘this week in tech’.
  • All about android: Again, this one feels like hanging out with friends (the probably with real friends being that I can’t work at the same time but I’m working on that).
  • Security Now: Another twit podcast, this one is about security and although I miss a lot about what is talked about I still enjoy it.
  • Le Rendez-Vous Tech: A French podcast very similar to this week in tech. Probably the only bit of exercise my French still gets.
  • Healthy Hacker: This is probably one of my favourite podcasts. Chris talks about code but also general fitness stuff.
  • vimcasts.org: Not really a podcast (low frequency) but it’s on my podcast catcher so I thought I’d list it here.


  • Freakonomics Radio: A great podcast, extremely well produced and often covering really interesting subjects (this one I usually try not to listen to in the background like most of the above).
  • The infinite monkey cage: Another really good job. Often very funny as well as informative.
  • This week in Science: this is always a nice listen to as they catch up on scientific stories that happened throughout the week.
  • Pythagoras Trousers: Cardiff University graduate Rhys Phillips does an excellent job with this podcast.
  • Math Ed Podcast: A really nice show that in every episode I’ve listened to was a really interesting interview of a mathematical education expert.
  • Stuff you should know: Not too sure if I should put this in this category but it’s a cool show where they explain a bunch of topics.


  • First Take: I don’t get to follow much US sports but I do enjoy listening to Slip and Stephen A. yell at each other.
  • Pardon the Interruption: Same as above really (although with less yelling).
  • Fighting Talk: This is a fun BBC show where sports pundits get points for being funny talking about stuff that happened in the past week.
  • Around the NFL: I like the NFL and when I have time to listen to this one I get to find out what’s happening.
  • Egg chasers podcast: A really great weekly roundup of rugby.
  • Scrum V Radio: A specific podcast about Welsh rugby.

One I’m forgetting in all of that is Relatively Prime which is a mathematics podcast that has just started a kickstarter campaign for a second season. I’ve never listened to it but though it could be worth mentioning.

Any good ones I’m missing?