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For the external examiner we are required to put together a commentary for each exam. Here is the commentary I would have put together for this exam.

  1. This question covers basic aspects of Normal form games which have been covered many times in class. Whilst the solutions might make it appear to be a long question I would consider it to be the easiest of the Game Theoretic questions with routine concepts.<

    1. Bookwork;

    2. This question should be relatively straightforward asking the students to identify best responses to pure strategies;

    3. This question asks students to plot the utilities, it requires the knowledge of mixed strategies with an ability to plot a line;

    4. Repetition of previous question;

    5. This questions requires a bit of work asking the students to consider the plots drawn previously to obtain best responses to the mixed strategies;

    6. This uses the previous question;

    7. Above used best responses, now I am asking the students to state and prove a theorem (the proof is 4 lines of algebra and is bookwork). After stating the theorem the students are expected to apply it to the above problem.

  2. This question considers repeated games.

    1. A classic game that requires some thought from the student. I expect students to be able to obtain 6 marks with no difficulty whatsoever.

    2. Bookwork;

    3. Slightly tricky question as it requires students to not only be aware of techniques required but must also be confident in their knowledge of what a valid game is.

  3. This question is a mix of bookwork and a single example very similar to examples seen before in class that tests not only their algebra but also their understanding of stochastic games.

    1. Bookwork;

    2. Bookwork;

    3. Bookwork;

    4. Exercise similar to one done in class.

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