Research Software Development



A vital part of research is the use and development of software (computer code). Having a sound expertise in modern programming best practices will better prepare postgraduates for any potential future they choose to follow. This 2 day workshop will cover the basics of best practice based on expertise from the Sustainable Software Institute and Software Carpentry training. Upon completion students will:

  • Be aware of best practices in terms of programming strategies (illustrated via Python but applicable to any language).
  • Be able to use git to version control code and github to work collaboratively with others.
  • Be able to write basic automated tests for code to ensure code is fit for purpose.


Day 1

  • Morning: introduction to Python and programming best practice (command line, modularization, self documentation, documentation)
  • Afternoon: Version control (git and github)

Day 2

  • Morning: automated testing of software
  • Afternoon: basic LaTeX and a collaborative group project (students will work on a simple problem collaboratively bringing all the skills together)