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- Area: 825,615 square km - Water (%): negligible - Population: 2,113,077 - Languages: 20


Judith + Daniele


  • Daniele Procida: Introduction
  • Daniele Procida: Python & what to do with it
  • Workshop: Software installation party
  • Workshop: Introduction to Python for beginners with Daniele Procida
  • Workshop: Introduction to Git and GitHub with Jason Rudolph
  • Lightning talks


  • Vincent Knight: Walking on pavements
  • Tuyoleni Hamata: The Art of Shuhari in Mastering Software Development
  • Tom Daley: Low bandwidth web design
  • Jason Young: Queue simulation in Python
  • Lightning talks
  • Geraint Palmer: Q-learning algorithms in Python
  • Alan McNeil Jackson: How to be useful: participation, programming and you
  • Loek van Gent: Introduction to automated testing
  • Lightning talks


  • Web development in Python and Django with Tom Daley
  • Simulating queues with Jason Young
  • Unsupervised machine learning with Geraint Palmer
  • Distributed Messaging with Barry Scheepers
  • Introduction to automated testing with Loek van Gent
  • GitHub Office Hours with Jason Rudolph
  • Introduction to Game Theory with Vincent Knight


  • Let’s build an application!
  • Where do we go next?
  • Presentations
  • Closing addresses

Not an Axelrod slide





  • Installation clinic
  • Git: the very basics
  • Python for absolute beginners
  • Lightning Talks!
  • Conference Dinner

Tuesday/Wednesday: Talks

  • Loek van Gent: Keynote: So - this idea of yours...
  • Geraint Palmer: Simulating queues with Ciw
  • Ibrahim Diop: The African Way
  • Iwan Vosloo: What's the point of Object Orientation?
  • Maik Hoepfel: The life of a freelancer
  • Daniele Procida: Introducing django CMS
  • Katie Barr: Image recognition via template matching
  • Humphrey Butau: Vim as a Python IDE
  • Llewellyn van der Merwe: Building a business on open source software
  • Anna Makarudze: About learning to program
  • David MacIver: How do I know if this code works?
  • Fernando Masanori Ashikaga: Python: the next Brazilian generation
  • Lightning Talks!

Thursday: Talks

  • Simon Cross: MomConnect
  • Vince Knight: Christmas gifts, evolution and Python
  • Helen Sherwood-Taylor: Planning a Python Event
  • Barry Scheepers: Web sockets
  • Katie Barr: Simulating quantum systems in less than 20 lines of pure Python
  • Lemoene Smit: Open Source LIMS in Namibian and Zimbabwean health care laboratories.
  • Maik Hoepfel: Working with APIs
  • Blake Griffith: Introducing Conda
  • Aisha Bello: My Journey through Python
  • Daniele Procida: Rider/Coder
  • Lightning Talks!

Friday: Workshops

  • David MacIver: Automated testing and Hypothesis
  • All-day Django clinic
  • Fernando Masanori Ashikaga: Introduction to Python
  • All-day Python clinic
  • Simon Cross: Building a simple interactive fiction game with Asyncio and WebSockets.
  • Anna Makarudze: Developing Software using Python and Django to solve real life problems
  • Blake Griffith: Package and environment with conda
  • Maik Hoepfel: Your first pull request
  • Daniele Procida: Getting started with django CMS







  • Lamech Amugongo - Introduction to data analytics; how to analyse data with Python
  • Code Doctor/install party/beginner tutorial
  • Meinolf Simbenda - Web2Py; Development of web applications with Python
  • Nikoleta Glynatsi and Vincent Knight - Game Theory with Python
  • Anna Makarudze - Testing your Django App


  • Anna Makarudze & Humphrey Butau How we organised PyCon Zimbabwe
  • Annastasia (Anna) Shipepe Python the superlative language for beginners
  • Gabriel Tuhafeni Nhinda UX for developers
  • Maik Hoepfel Raspberry Pi and IOT
  • Nashilongo Gervasius and Annastasia Shipepe The Internet Society, Namibian Chapter
  • Ronald Maravanyika Working with Python for women and children in Zimbabwe
  • Geraint Palmer Producing Pretty Plots in Python
  • Nikoleta Glynatsi Using Python to access open research literature
  • Christian Christells A Python Developer's adventures in GIS
  • Daniele Procida Documentation will save your project!
  • Lightning talks


  • Helen Sherwood-Taylor
  • Iwan Vosloo A whirlwind tour of test setup
  • Nikoleta Glynatsi Writing tests for research software
  • Ronald Maravanyika How to capture downtown loss on a production (Python & Flask)
  • Humphrey Butau Django Cookie-Cutter
  • Eva Gonzales Contreras
  • Geraint Palmer CIW
  • Vincent Knight Markov Chains in Python
  • Loek van Gent Continuous Integration
  • Nashilongo Gervasius Namibia as a Knowledge Society by 2030: The Future Scenario in ICT for Sustainable Development
  • Lightning talks
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