Please install the following software:


We will use Python as the example programming language during this course (the principles extend and apply to any language). To install Python go to the following link and select Python 3.

Following the download, run the installer as per usual on your machine.


We will be discussing best practice in terms of combining software outputs and LaTeX. If you don't have LaTeX installed on your computer please go to the following link:


Git is the version control software we will use in this course. Go to the following link and choose the correct version for your operating system:


Atom is a text editor (one of the two you will try during this workshop):

VS code

VS code is a text editor (one of the two you will try during this workshop):


We will use Slack to potentially share small snippets of code as well as communicate after the end of the workshop. Prior to this course you should have been sent an invitation to join the slack room. You can use slack via a web browser but you can also download a local application (see the slack site for information:


This is nothing to install. Create an account on github: a code sharing service used with Git.

Github is free but if you apply for a student pack (as a student this is an offer available to you) you can have various extras: