There are two components of assessment in this course:

  • Individual coursework (25%)
  • Exam (75%)

Individual coursework

Write a 2 page (strict upper limit) report that illustrates an aspect of game theory using a programming language.

You are free to use any software you want.

Marking critera

  • Scope 50%: Your understanding of the subject.
  • Presentation 25% - How well written it is.
  • Code 25% - Your use of code.

The choice of subject is yours, here are two potential general subjects:

Prove and illustrate a theorem from the notes (or otherwise); Model a real world scenario using game theory.


This will be a standard 3rd year Cardiff University, School of Mathematics exam: you will choose 3 questions from a collection of 4.

Each question will be out of 25 marks. This is to be seen to roughly correspond to:

  • 10 marks covering aspects directly seen in the notes (prooving seen theorems, performing similar calculations;
  • 10 marks extending things seen in the notes (proving similar theorems, considering particular games);
  • 5 marks on unseen materials

A slight particularity of the course is that it is possible that you are asked questions about current contemporary research based on the papers discussed in