Mock exam paper

The 2017-2018 paper aims to generally follow the template that approximately:

  • 40 % of marks demonstrate a basic level of familiarity with the course;
  • 40 % demonstrate some understanding;
  • 20 % aim to allow student to demonstrate a deaper understanding of the concepts

Question 1: Normal form games and best responses

This question is a general overview of Normal form games, one difference from previous years is that it also contains a question on a contemporary piece of research. Students have seen the attached text before.

  • There are 10 marks available that are pure bookwork (definitions and theorem).
  • 5 marks that are using the theorem: this is similar to work done in class but with a different game.
  • 10 marks are based on the contemporary research: 5 of them are relatively straightforward and 5 of them are pushing student to critique the work.

Question 2: Repeated games

This question is looking at repeated games and includes some theoretic and algorithmic questions.

  • There are 8 marks for definitions and theorems.
  • 12 marks that are similar exercises to what has been done in class but with different games.
  • 5 marks ask students to prove a result not seen in class that requires a combinatorial argument.

Question 3: Polytopes

This question is about best response polytopes and the Lemke-Howson algorithm.

  • There are 7 marks available that are pure bookwork (definitions and algorithms).
  • 12 marks as an application of the definition (with an unseen game that is of higher dimension than seen before)
  • 6 marks asking students to apply the definition of vertex labelling in a previously unseen way because the game is degenerate.

Question 4: Moran processes

  • There are 10 marks available that are pure bookwork (definitions and theorem).
  • 6 marks are a numeric application of a definition but with a symbolic variable adding to the complexity.
  • 9 marks ask students to carry out algebraic manipulations to prove a given result (this is unseen).


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