The tutor has 3 main roles:

  1. The role of the tutor is to give immediate feedback with regards to progress for lab sheets: they are supposed to ask you questions that help you identify what you are not understanding.

  2. The tutor will give me (Vince Knight) feedback as to what difficulties students are having. This enables me to better focus the class meeting.

  3. Time permitting, the tutor will possibly give some more help. This role is secondary to the first two and if further help is required tutors are to point you towards:

    • Vince‚Äôs office hours : 14:00 - 16:00 Thursday;
    • The chat room;
    • The message board;
    • Other resources.
  4. The tutor also takes your attendance (which will be noted after they have had a chat with you about the lab sheet).