Lecturer: Vince Knight

Office: M1.30

email: [email protected]

chat: https://gitter.im/computing-for-mathematics/Lobby

Office hours: Thursday 1300-1500

What was in this lab sheet

  • The basics of LaTeX

How to include code in LaTeX

There are a number of ways to include code in LaTeX, one of the nicest ways is to use the minted package. See the example coursework for how this is done.

Floating figures in LaTeX

When using floats (for figures and tables) sometimes they are not in the specified position in the final pdf. This is a blog post I wrote a while ago explaining why and what to do about it: http://drvinceknight.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/explaining-floats-in-latex.html

What is plagiarism

Here is a short video explanation about plagiarism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brOoE7SufrA

Good writing guidelines

There are many guidelines and important considerations to take in to account when writing mathematics. Here is a good short summary: https://zdaugherty.ccnysites.cuny.edu/teaching/Su-Guidelines_for_Good_Mathematical_Writing.pdf

Some specific points:

  • Know your audience;
  • Nudge your reader “with gentle commands”;
  • Writing well does not necessarily mean writing more;
  • Give a roadmap for long arguments (help your reader);
  • Use sentences;
  • Use words;
  • Use paragraphs;
  • Use examples;
  • Simplify and refine: until you submit it, it is a draft;
  • Don’t follow the guidelines when it’s appropriate not to.