Lecturer: Vince Knight

Office: M1.30

email: knightva@cf.ac.uk

chat: https://gitter.im/computing-for-mathematics/Lobby

Office hours: Thursday 1400-1600

What you have learnt this week:



There are two (popular) types of operating systems:

  • *nix (which powers Linux and Mac computers): more popular for coding.
  • Windows: more popular for gaming.

File paths on *nix machines use / to separate directories:


On Windows machines \ is used:


LaTeX uses the *nix syntax even on Windows.

Good practice:

  • No spaces in files and/or directory names.
  • Have a directory in your folder with your images: images. Refer to those images:


    This helps keep your directory tidy.


Some difficulties occurred when using bibliographies. These usually were caused by 1 of the following errors:

  • Not writing the correct code (wrong file name etc.).
  • Not deleting the auxiliary files.

The first situation will happen and it’s nothing to worry about, as you gain more experience you will recognise small errors sooner.

The second situation is because of how LaTeX compiles documents: it needs to create auxiliary files to be able to build the bibliography (it keeps track of where things go). If you’ve made a slight error then some of those auxiliary files will need to be deleted. If you’re using overleaf this takes care of itself, if you’re using a local install or cloud.sagemath you’ll need to manually delete these (there is, depending on your system, usually an option to do this).